Posted on : 01-11-2020

The infamous Coal Block Allocation Scam that rocked Indian politics and exposed the corrupt practices in the coal sector has come revisiting to Goa thanks to Dr Pramod Sawant.

The resentment of Goans to the Coal issues and it’s impacts on our environment is evident from the mass protests rising from every corner. But our CM is too arrogant to take notice of people’s feelings and thus even the overnight protests at Sao Joan de Areal against double tracking of railroad for coal transportation seems to be ignored by CM. He’s adamant on going ahead against the People’s stand of Goyant Kolso Naka and this arrogance & autocratic nature is un-democratic and beyond tolerance.

Goans need to remember that it was the BJP that was most vociferous in raising the Coalgate issues in Parliament and went to the extent of directly blaming the then PM Shri Manmohan Singh & even calling for his resignation. The BJPs demand for an SIT probe and the ruckus created over the Coal Missing Files scandal throughout India is just opposite to what the BJP CM Shri Pramod Sawant is doing now in support of the Coal lobby. If the BJP was so seriously concerned about the national loss due to the Coal scam then Why did the BJP not look into the scam after coming to power? Why’s it that the BJP did not try to prove their allegations that were levelled when in opposition? This two facedness of the present BJP reeks of cheap and corrupt tactics of a power hungry party that will disown its own ideologies to remain in power.

When the Comptroller & Auditor General’s Office has already pointed out to exorbitant gains to the players with huge losses to the Public Exchequer due to pricing variations, there still seems to be an open disregard for nation’s interests over party’s interests.

Thus it’s not surprising that a BJP CM is now in the forefront to hurriedly grant RFP for MDO of the coal block. Goa has already witnessed the involvement of the earlier Congress Govt. and now Dr Pramod Sawant is following his footsteps to drag Goa into another scandal while generating quick election funds.

So, BJPs Dr Corruption has given prompt financial approval to the same tainted consultant firm M/s aXYKNno Capital Services Pvt Ltd, which was involved in the first scam in Maharashtra.

The role of GIDC that was involved in the first Coal Allocation in Chattisgarh/Singrauli and of the Consultancy that was paid crores of people’s money with nothing worthy to show are already under the CBI scanner for misappropriations. Hence, the present approval by CM Dr Pramod Sawant to the same Consultancy M/s aXYKNno Capital Services Pvt Ltd is certainly a matter of serious concern and a direct indicator of CMOs support to the Coal Lobby that’s pushing hard for double tracking of railroads through the Mollem biodiversity.

Perhaps Dr Corruption should remember that if he continues opposing the People’s will, very soon he will find it difficult to hide his face blackened by coal! *Kyunki Koyle Ki Dalali mein sirf haath he nahin, munh bhi Kala hota hain!*

CMs decision to go ahead with railroad double tracking under police protection & approval for Coal block processing through an infamously tainted consultancy firm clearly shows that Dr Corruption and his Government is totally against Goans fight against Coal destroying its environment. The Goan People’s fight for Mollem is insignificant for the Chief Minister of Goa. Goans should no more trust this Government on Mollem or Mhadei or for that matter anything that’s in the welfare of Goa. It’s proven beyond doubt that this BJP Government is Absolutely Anti-Goan!