Goan Economy: Warranting a Welfare Oriented Approach
The Covid-19 Pandemic has shattered even the strongest economies of the most powerful nations. Every country is devising various strategies towards revival from this unprecedented crisis that’s destroying lives & livelihoods alike.
Goan economy too is taking its baby steps towards revival of the tourism, mining & industrial sectors. The fishing industry too has taken a hit while a sizeable expat population is still awaiting a return to their countries of livelihood. The seafarers too are awaiting a fillip.
Despite being the peak tourist season, we’re having less than 30% of the regular inflow of tourists. Foreign tourist footfalls are almost negligible & the regular chartered flow has failed to meet its mark. This has dashed the expectations of every stakeholder and will seriously affect the livelihoods of major portion of Goan population.
The above circumstances cannot be expected to do an immediate U-turn of growth as long as the pandemic effect remains strong. Even with the advent of a vaccine by late 2021, we cannot expect a full scale revival until 2022.
The Goan economy cannot be clubbed with that of the large state’s of India. The dependency factor on Covid is much more higher for the revival of tourism industry which is one of the main pillars of our economy. Hence the short term goal should be support & sustenance so that the industry is not rusted out.
Mining sector is yet to kickoff full swing while the manufacturing industry alongwith the small scale & cottage industry too has taken a serious hit thus detrimentally reducing a major source of income generation while laying off those dependent on this sector. Expectations of immediate revival will be unreasonable as its feasible only on a long term basis until which the situation necessitates the sustainability of people & infrastructure until a plausible normalcy falls in place.

In the above scenario, there’s need for an unconventional approach with Welfare dominated support packages rather than attempting a drastic revival. Support should be aimed at maintaining a ready status of infrastructure in all sectors. Lowering of economic activities shouldn’t lead to deterioration of existing infrastructure in any industry for that will only stunt the speedy revival vis-a-vis the decline of pandemic effect.

Goa Revisits Coal Gate

The infamous Coal Block Allocation Scam that rocked Indian politics and exposed the corrupt practices in the coal sector has come revisiting to Goa thanks to Dr Pramod Sawant.

The resentment of Goans to the Coal issues and it’s impacts on our environment is evident from the mass protests rising from every corner. But our CM is too arrogant to take notice of people’s feelings and thus even the overnight protests at Sao Joan de Areal against double tracking of railroad for coal transportation seems to be ignored by CM. He’s adamant on going ahead against the People’s stand of Goyant Kolso Naka and this arrogance & autocratic nature is un-democratic and beyond tolerance.

Goans need to remember that it was the BJP that was most vociferous in raising the Coalgate issues in Parliament and went to the extent of directly blaming the then PM Shri Manmohan Singh & even calling for his resignation. The BJPs demand for an SIT probe and the ruckus created over the Coal Missing Files scandal throughout India is just opposite to what the BJP CM Shri Pramod Sawant is doing now in support of the Coal lobby. If the BJP was so seriously concerned about the national loss due to the Coal scam then Why did the BJP not look into the scam after coming to power? Why’s it that the BJP did not try to prove their allegations that were levelled when in opposition? This two facedness of the present BJP reeks of cheap and corrupt tactics of a power hungry party that will disown its own ideologies to remain in power.

When the Comptroller & Auditor General’s Office has already pointed out to exorbitant gains to the players with huge losses to the Public Exchequer due to pricing variations, there still seems to be an open disregard for nation’s interests over party’s interests.

Thus it’s not surprising that a BJP CM is now in the forefront to hurriedly grant RFP for MDO of the coal block. Goa has already witnessed the involvement of the earlier Congress Govt. and now Dr Pramod Sawant is following his footsteps to drag Goa into another scandal while generating quick election funds.

So, BJPs Dr Corruption has given prompt financial approval to the same tainted consultant firm M/s aXYKNno Capital Services Pvt Ltd, which was involved in the first scam in Maharashtra.

The role of GIDC that was involved in the first Coal Allocation in Chattisgarh/Singrauli and of the Consultancy that was paid crores of people’s money with nothing worthy to show are already under the CBI scanner for misappropriations. Hence, the present approval by CM Dr Pramod Sawant to the same Consultancy M/s aXYKNno Capital Services Pvt Ltd is certainly a matter of serious concern and a direct indicator of CMOs support to the Coal Lobby that’s pushing hard for double tracking of railroads through the Mollem biodiversity.

Perhaps Dr Corruption should remember that if he continues opposing the People’s will, very soon he will find it difficult to hide his face blackened by coal! *Kyunki Koyle Ki Dalali mein sirf haath he nahin, munh bhi Kala hota hain!*

CMs decision to go ahead with railroad double tracking under police protection & approval for Coal block processing through an infamously tainted consultancy firm clearly shows that Dr Corruption and his Government is totally against Goans fight against Coal destroying its environment. The Goan People’s fight for Mollem is insignificant for the Chief Minister of Goa. Goans should no more trust this Government on Mollem or Mhadei or for that matter anything that’s in the welfare of Goa. It’s proven beyond doubt that this BJP Government is Absolutely Anti-Goan!

Online Schooling: Impacts & Cyber Hygiene

While Online schooling is the safest way of education in this pandemic, it’s got an equally worse share of serious disadvantages.


Suicides in relation to non-availability of mobiles for Online schooling is just a sad tip of a developing malaise that has all the potential to have a worse impact than Covid-19 on our children.


Online schooling is taking its toll on our children both physically and mentally with an added deprivation of social skills. If we fail to hear the warning bells and act in time, our children will end up as physically, mentally and socially wrecked elements.


An immediate analysis with an in-depth evaluation of the impacts of Online schooling needs to be undertaken on a professional level by every state and a National Policy framed with a focus on devising healthier methods that minimize the negative impacts on our children.


Our children’s People Skills are being affected due to them being cooped up in homes and resorting to gadgets for studies and communication. Right from the times of Gurukula system we have understood the benefits of learning through direct interaction between teachers and students. Coordination with fellow students, emotional support from teachers and personal interactions form the basis of all-round development of children but sadly our children are deprived of that environment. Hence we should make conscious efforts to provide emotional support and induce children to foster personal relationships at home and with neighbours and friends within the Covid limitations.


Parents and elders at home should make a conscious effort to ensure that interpersonal communication skills are not lost to this generation who are bearing the brunt of Covid induced Online schooling.


Emotional well-being of our children is also at stake since the beginning of Online schooling. Almost every child is suffering from certain levels of mobile addiction. Gadgets have replaced friends and real friends are replaced with digital friends. These are leading to many children getting entrapped in pornography, blackmail etc. While we cannot do away with online studies, we still can ensure reduced time with gadgets by enthusing children to physical play, develop hobbies etc.


Cyber security of the platforms used for education should be strictly monitored and upgraded from time to time so that our children are kept safe. There should be a control mechanism in place to monitor the data content, it’s storage and sharing. Presently there’s very limited security and control on the online educational activities which provides scope for malevolent ploys in the dangerous cyber world. Schools, teachers and parents should stress on the need to be cyber safe and advice children to avoid clicking on links, popups, not to respond to unsolicited emails, friend requests etc.



Goa student dies by suicide for want of mobile, victim of Government apathy towards economically marginalised students, Goa CM answerable for this sad incident!

The disturbing suicide of a 10th Std student Rohit Varak from Pal-Sattari is a sad indicator that Online Education is still inaccessible to many from economically weak families. When parents are struggling to just get a square meal for the family, it’s an impossible task for them to provide a smartphone phone.

I have been repeatedly giving pointers on the issues but this Government is not in the habit of taking constructive suggestions. The need to revive cyberage scheme was raised on several occasions. The students could have been provided with mobile phones under this scheme.

As the requests to Government were falling on deaf ears, I had in my own little way, undertaken a Mobile Challenge Campaign and was able to provide more than 100 smartphones to needy students in my constituency. The CMOs could have definitely taken a cue and acted to collect details of students who couldn’t afford smartphones and made arrangements to provide for the same. This would have surely averted the loss of a young promising life.

I hope that atleast now CM who unfortunately for the students also holds the Education portfolio, will take immediate action on a war footing to avoid another loss of life.

Frustration is mounting amongst the students and parents due to connectivity issues specially in rural areas. BSNL has failed to provide the service. Instances of students hiking kilometres to higher altitudes to be in range has become a regular phenomenon in rural areas. There are several students who have been completely away from online classes due to lack of network connectivity.

It’s a clear indication of Administrative Lethargy that’s plagued the Dr Pramod Sawant lead Government as there’s no follow up action on its announcement to take up installation of towers on different state owned buildings through PWD. Cabinet decision has been waiting for implementation.

Shri Pramod Sawant should stop making big political statements and concentrate more on making good on the announcements already made, especially when it comes to our student community.

It’s also been highlighted that Rohit’s mother & grandmother were beneficiaries of Griha Aadhar & DSSY but sadly the Government had failed to credit the money into their accounts.

The instructions of Education Dept asking teachers to visit residences of students has resulted only in photo-ops. There is no follow up or monitoring of the activity by the Department.

There has been no effort to study the impact of Online Schooling and a comprehensive study conducted through independent agency is urgently warranted. Asking the teaching fraternity to give data about the impacts and drawbacks of online classes will not provide a correct picture as it’s likely that the data will be fudged to please Education Department for fear of reprisals if correct picture is projected. This Government is already proved it’s notoriety by harassing the Medical Fraternity for speaking out.

Denial of basic amenities for Education is tantamount to Denial of Right to Education. Children are our future and it’s a total failure of Governance when they’re forced into a suicide!

Pramod Sawant – More of BJP’s Puppet Than Goa’s CM

Time and again, he’s proved to be Less of Goa CM and More of BJPs Delhi Representative acting in favour of BJPs interests in neighbouring states.Be it Mhadei or Mollem, our CMs loyalties are to the opposite side & not Goans!

I plan to highlight the matter in the National Media a to garner support to the Goans cause to Save Mollem as we cannot rely on our CM or his Government which simply toes the Corporate line preferred by the Centre.

We have allowed enough damage to our natural environment and it’s time We The People of Goa took it upon ourselves to SAVE MOLLEM and I personally pledge to do my level best to leverage our stand at National levels.

Covid Home Isolation Kits=BJPs Election Bribe delivered at Home

This might go down in history as the most callous, cheapest and insensitive act of political propaganda by any political party. It surely is the first time that a Chief Minister of Goa has stooped so low for publicity! And of course with the Health Minister accompanying him to put their photos on the Covid kits, this has become the lowest point in this Government’s Covid Mismanagement.

At this rate, Goans wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Pramod Sawant puts his photo above every Covid patient’s bed or worst case scenario even on the coffins of Covid victims!

This Dr CM seems to hold multiple PhD’s in finding opportunities in the adversities of Goans. The Covid pandemic has been his playground since its beginning and he’s used it to his advantage every time. It’s just a matter of time before we stare right into a Covid kit scam.

By this shameless photo propaganda, our Dr CM has proved more Sadistic than the most infamous Doctor of all times, the Nazi Dr Mengel.

Do Goans need such cruel & insensitive CM & HM who prey on pandemic for publicity!

Destroying The Majestic Dudhsagar For Naive Infrastructure Project Will Be Goa CM’s Waterloo

Obliteration of the majestic Dudhsagar & devastating effects of Coal Pollution on Environment & People’s Health are some of the devastating implications of the present Mollem projects. The continuous sound of rattling trains will shy away birds and wildlife and also affect the peaceful life of Mollem villagers.

Only when Development and Environment go hand-in-hand, does real sustainable prosperity take place. All the developed nations of today that are following the eco-friendly mode now have gone through the destructive phase of rampant industrial & infrastructure development before they realised the irreversible effects of such activities on the environment. The air, water, ground pollution alongwith destruction of fragile biodiversities have wreaked havoc on climate, oceans, icecaps and every form of life on earth.

We have the advantage of learning from the past experiences of these countries and the disasters that still continue to plague them. Instead of following the same path of Environmental Destruction in the name of Development we should adopt innovative thought process and eco-friendly methods of progress even if it means compromising on the growth index. In the long run, these temporary setbacks will not matter as we’ll be leaving behind a better environment and a sustainable development model for the future generations.

Large scale Hazardous and Non Environmentally friendly projects have always been promoted by Governments & Corporates who dangle the carrot of employment, better amenities etc. to justify their destruction of natural habitats. While none of the promised goodies turn out sweet like the picture painted, these projects definitely displace an entire population, raze down forests, pollute rivers and eliminate all natural sources of livelihood on which entire generations had survived.

The so called Dream projects and cities around them are built on the ashes of a once bountiful nature. Eventually, we end up paying through our noses for even air & water that Mother Nature’s been giving us for free until we decided to destroy her.

Human Life and Nature cannot always be measured in economic terms. If our short term gains contribute to the end of the habitat that sustains us, then what good are those gains that will leave a barren earth that cannot sustain life.

Our CM Pramod Sawant’s promotion of naturally disastrous projects like Mollem is akin to the proverbial Shekchilli cutting the very branch that he’s sitting on. If our CM continues to act in favour of Central dictats & Corporate pressures of the Coal Lobby then Goans need to let him know that we won’t back out on Mollem.

This will be a People’s fight for Green Goa against Greedy BJP. If the CM of Goa act’s against the Green Will of Goans then this act against Goemkarponn will prove to be his Waterloo. Goan People’s Power will ensure that Goa will remain Green Always!

Alarming Increase in Non-CoMorbid Deaths Within 24 Hours of Admission

Is it due to wrong projection of home treatment scheme or fear of Govt Hospitals that’s keeping people away till it’s too late? CMOs & Health Minister needs to urgently review and conduct a medical investigation.

Deaths of non-comorbid persons within 24 hours of being admitted to hospitals is an alarming indicator of worsening Covid situation.

There’s every possibility that these cases are on the rise due to the wrong propagation of home treatment advocated by the Health Department with announcement of providing Home Isolation kits. There’s been a serious failure in creating proper awareness regarding home isolation/treatment which maybe why people are seeking hospitals treatment very late into the infection.

Secondly, the pathetic conditions and lack of basic amenities makes people shun Government hospitals as far as possible and so people come to treatment at Government hospitals only as a last resort which many times proves fatal.

A medical investigation is warranted on such cases and the details of the circumstances that lead to deaths within 24 hours of admission into hospitals needs to be put in the public forum. This will also help increase awareness of the people.

Within the melee of CM’s Delhi visit followed by Union Minister’s Goa visit and related politics, the CMOs and Health Minister seems to have put Covid control on the back burner as party politics & corporate agendas take centre stage.

There’s already a pitiful situation of Covid Mismanagement from the beginning and the current lack of interest by the Government will only worsen the situation. Despite his penchant for making Political Statements, CM Pramod Sawant should not forget that the pandemic is still a continuous reality bringing deaths to Goan homes every day. Grandiose projects and political alignments will be fruitful only if people are left alive by the pandemic. The priority should be to guard every single Goan life. It’s close to a month since Dr Pramod Sawant made his boastfully sadistic media statement of Zero Mortality but not a day has passed without Goan lives falling prey to Covid!

No concern or initiative seems to be happening to control the situation. It’s as if the regular Covid deaths & sufferings are the New Normal for the Pramod Sawant Government.

Goans are left to fend for themselves while the CM play’s to the Central Gallery on every subject, be it Mhadei, Mollem or Covid. It’s Party First, Corporates Second and Goans Last for this anti-people CM and his Government!

Mhadei- It’s CMs Call

Goa wants to know where Dr Pramod Sawant’s loyalties lie and what leverage he’s got with the Centre & whether he’s intent on using it in favour of Goa & Mother Mhadei!_

Even amidst the pandemic, every Goan is concerned about the unsavoury turn of events in Mhadei issue. The highhandedness displayed by Karnataka and the helplessness of the Goa CM even when it’s BJP ruling at the Centre, Karnataka & Goa, is highly alarming for Goans. If things move on this one-sided angle, the lifeline of Goa will be lost bringing with it disastrous environmental impact and also affect the livelihood of Goans depending on the bountiful resources of the Mandovi & it’s tributaries.

This is the litmus test for Dr Pramod Sawant to prove his allegiance to the Goan cause and not the party dictats. He’s the CM of Goa and it’s high time he acted as one. The CMs responsibility doesn’t end with the high office but is more as a Leader of the people. Can Dr Pramod Sawant prove himself as the Leader of Goans and not a political stooge of BJP which is favouring the unjust aspirations of the demographically larger state of Karnataka for vote bank politics?

I make a fervent appeal to the CM to do everything in his capacity to stop the atrocious violations & manipulations of Karnataka on Mhadei.

I also request the Opposition to put up a United Stand cutting across all petty differences because this is not politics but the survival of Goa and Goemkarponn.

Let’s together fight to give back Mother Mhadei the honour of an unhindered natural flow that nourishes Goa!

Sustainable Revival of Economy

Corona has made even the most economically developed nations rethink about the extant economic concepts. It’s now being universally accepted that our present mode of development is not sustainable in times of strife like the Covid pandemic and has detrimental effects in the long run on the environment.

Thus the need for a sustainable economic revival that could withstand similar onslaughts. Self-sufficiency in food production is one of the key areas. In the present Covid scenario, availability of food stocks play’s a major role when lockdowns are imposed by states & countries that are interdependent.

Agricultural revival on a more nature friendly platform is being promoted by all vibrant economies. The revival of agriculture with government patronage could ensure larger employability. Goa has a resilient agricultural sector for a long time but lack of Government support has lead to dwindling agricultural activities. There’s a need to give financial and infrastructure boost to this most important sector of our survival.

The consumer products industry for which Goa is mostly dependent can be fostered within Goa that will again create employment opportunities and revenue. Transparent and Quicker processing of permissions, licenses etc with minimal red tape will enable entrepreneurs to invest in Small and Medium Scale Industries by utilising the various schemes & financial support announced by Centre.

Tourism still continues to be the backbone of our economy but with the global pandemic situation making a serious dent on it, the hopes of its revival lies on the eradication of the pandemic. Until then, we need to provide sustenance & rehabilitation to those in the Tourism industry and also need to explore alternative options like Knowledge Industry which can provide fertile startup grounds in our state.

Revival in this Covid scenario demands that Administration needs strengthening with induction of technology to avoid delays and reduce public footfalls in Government offices. E-Filing and digital responses/approvals must substitute the present system that’s neither transparent nor helps reduce Covid spread as people are forced to crowd up before Government offices for even mundane things. E-enabled direct benefit of welfare schemes should be revamped to full efficacy to avoid public inconvenience.

The plans, projects and schemes announced pre-Covid should be reviewed, revised or replaced to suit the present Covid situation so that projects don’t get shunted halfway nor do funds end up unutilised.

To facilitate the all round restorative process of Goa, the Government needs to take into confidence all the stakeholders including all elected representatives and act in tandem with the expectations of its people. A Government proves it’s mettle during time’s of strife by being With the People. The question is will CM Pramod Sawant and his team take the call and collaborate with everyone for the common good and revival of Goa.