Posted on : 10-10-2020

Obliteration of the majestic Dudhsagar & devastating effects of Coal Pollution on Environment & People’s Health are some of the devastating implications of the present Mollem projects. The continuous sound of rattling trains will shy away birds and wildlife and also affect the peaceful life of Mollem villagers.

Only when Development and Environment go hand-in-hand, does real sustainable prosperity take place. All the developed nations of today that are following the eco-friendly mode now have gone through the destructive phase of rampant industrial & infrastructure development before they realised the irreversible effects of such activities on the environment. The air, water, ground pollution alongwith destruction of fragile biodiversities have wreaked havoc on climate, oceans, icecaps and every form of life on earth.

We have the advantage of learning from the past experiences of these countries and the disasters that still continue to plague them. Instead of following the same path of Environmental Destruction in the name of Development we should adopt innovative thought process and eco-friendly methods of progress even if it means compromising on the growth index. In the long run, these temporary setbacks will not matter as we’ll be leaving behind a better environment and a sustainable development model for the future generations.

Large scale Hazardous and Non Environmentally friendly projects have always been promoted by Governments & Corporates who dangle the carrot of employment, better amenities etc. to justify their destruction of natural habitats. While none of the promised goodies turn out sweet like the picture painted, these projects definitely displace an entire population, raze down forests, pollute rivers and eliminate all natural sources of livelihood on which entire generations had survived.

The so called Dream projects and cities around them are built on the ashes of a once bountiful nature. Eventually, we end up paying through our noses for even air & water that Mother Nature’s been giving us for free until we decided to destroy her.

Human Life and Nature cannot always be measured in economic terms. If our short term gains contribute to the end of the habitat that sustains us, then what good are those gains that will leave a barren earth that cannot sustain life.

Our CM Pramod Sawant’s promotion of naturally disastrous projects like Mollem is akin to the proverbial Shekchilli cutting the very branch that he’s sitting on. If our CM continues to act in favour of Central dictats & Corporate pressures of the Coal Lobby then Goans need to let him know that we won’t back out on Mollem.

This will be a People’s fight for Green Goa against Greedy BJP. If the CM of Goa act’s against the Green Will of Goans then this act against Goemkarponn will prove to be his Waterloo. Goan People’s Power will ensure that Goa will remain Green Always!