Posted on : 11-10-2020

This might go down in history as the most callous, cheapest and insensitive act of political propaganda by any political party. It surely is the first time that a Chief Minister of Goa has stooped so low for publicity! And of course with the Health Minister accompanying him to put their photos on the Covid kits, this has become the lowest point in this Government’s Covid Mismanagement.

At this rate, Goans wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Pramod Sawant puts his photo above every Covid patient’s bed or worst case scenario even on the coffins of Covid victims!

This Dr CM seems to hold multiple PhD’s in finding opportunities in the adversities of Goans. The Covid pandemic has been his playground since its beginning and he’s used it to his advantage every time. It’s just a matter of time before we stare right into a Covid kit scam.

By this shameless photo propaganda, our Dr CM has proved more Sadistic than the most infamous Doctor of all times, the Nazi Dr Mengel.

Do Goans need such cruel & insensitive CM & HM who prey on pandemic for publicity!