Posted on : 09-10-2020

Is it due to wrong projection of home treatment scheme or fear of Govt Hospitals that’s keeping people away till it’s too late? CMOs & Health Minister needs to urgently review and conduct a medical investigation.

Deaths of non-comorbid persons within 24 hours of being admitted to hospitals is an alarming indicator of worsening Covid situation.

There’s every possibility that these cases are on the rise due to the wrong propagation of home treatment advocated by the Health Department with announcement of providing Home Isolation kits. There’s been a serious failure in creating proper awareness regarding home isolation/treatment which maybe why people are seeking hospitals treatment very late into the infection.

Secondly, the pathetic conditions and lack of basic amenities makes people shun Government hospitals as far as possible and so people come to treatment at Government hospitals only as a last resort which many times proves fatal.

A medical investigation is warranted on such cases and the details of the circumstances that lead to deaths within 24 hours of admission into hospitals needs to be put in the public forum. This will also help increase awareness of the people.

Within the melee of CM’s Delhi visit followed by Union Minister’s Goa visit and related politics, the CMOs and Health Minister seems to have put Covid control on the back burner as party politics & corporate agendas take centre stage.

There’s already a pitiful situation of Covid Mismanagement from the beginning and the current lack of interest by the Government will only worsen the situation. Despite his penchant for making Political Statements, CM Pramod Sawant should not forget that the pandemic is still a continuous reality bringing deaths to Goan homes every day. Grandiose projects and political alignments will be fruitful only if people are left alive by the pandemic. The priority should be to guard every single Goan life. It’s close to a month since Dr Pramod Sawant made his boastfully sadistic media statement of Zero Mortality but not a day has passed without Goan lives falling prey to Covid!

No concern or initiative seems to be happening to control the situation. It’s as if the regular Covid deaths & sufferings are the New Normal for the Pramod Sawant Government.

Goans are left to fend for themselves while the CM play’s to the Central Gallery on every subject, be it Mhadei, Mollem or Covid. It’s Party First, Corporates Second and Goans Last for this anti-people CM and his Government!